Brian Clarke, PE

Brian has over 24 years of design and construction experience. He is licensed in NY, NJ, CT, OH and PA. He has performed structural engineering designs in over 26 states for The Home Depot. Brian has a diverse background in structural designs from single family residences to long span curved steel bridges to big boxes retail stores and WWTP’s. Brian’s clients include NYC Architects, Engineers, Restoration, and Steel Contractors. Brian led the Hilti “Post Installed Anchors Using Strength Design” seminar in New York and Boston and is considered an expert in the field of anchor design in NYC. Brian has performed anchor testing in structures all over NYC in base materials including new concrete, terra cotta, brick, cmu, and limestone. Brian is an active member of SEAoNY and ASCE.

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Andrew Harcher

Andrew Harcher is an Engineer & Structural Services Representative who has been with Clarke Engineering for over three years. One of his primary responsibilities is the design of structural elements where he works closely with clients to ensure quality design projects are delivered on-schedule and to each client’s specifications. In addition to design, Andrew is also involved with anchor testing and inspection as an American Concrete Institute (ACI) Adhesive Anchor Installation Inspector. Andrew has performed structural design as well as anchor testing and inspection throughout NYC, including notable locations such as One World Trade Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the MetLife Building, and 432 Park Avenue. Andrew received a B.S. degree in Architectural Engineering & Technology from the University of Hartford.


Christina Iwanow

Christina Iwanow is the Field Engineering Supervisor for Clarke Engineering where she spends her time between the office and the field. In the office, she is responsible for design work of structural elements as well as AutoCad drafting. She spends many days on top of the NYC skyline performing testing for Post Installed Anchors. She is familiar with testing safety tiebacks, railings, and numerous other applications for Post Installed Anchors. Christina has performed testing at notable locations such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, JFK, the World Trade Center, and the Staten Island Zoo. Along with testing, she also performs anchor installations and inspections. Christina received a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from SUNY Stonybrook.


Josue Rodriguez

Josue Rodriguez is a Field Engineer who has been with Clarke Engineering for over a year. Josue is a Certified Adhesive Anchor Installer as well as an ACI Post-Installed Concrete Anchor Installation Inspector, and ICC Special Inspector for Post Installed Adhesive Anchors. Josue came to us as a graduate from Manhattan College with Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and is currently pursuing his Masters Degree while working as a field engineer. Josue brings inspection experience as an intern prior to graduation and has construction experience which is important when it comes to anchor design, testing and inspection.



Olga Dall’Orso

Olga Dall’Orso is the Office Coordinator at Clarke Engineering and the newest member of our team. Olga has a Masters Degree in World Economics as well as Environmental Protection from Tomsk State University. She is an experienced bookkeeper and administrative assistant. She worked for a retail company and has superb interpersonal and organizational skills. Olga will answer your inquiries and provide you with the requested information in a timely fashion to help build a trustworthy long lasting relationship.