Please highlight the questionnaire below, Copy (ctrl+C) and Paste (ctrl+V) into an email. Send responses to Thank you!

1. Please confirm if you need tension, shear, or shear and tension:
2. If both tension and shear, please specify how many will be tested in tension and how many in shear.

TENSION: ____________ SHEAR: ____________
3. What is the size/diameter of the anchor(s)?
4. If you’re using epoxy anchors, what type of epoxy are you using?
5. How many total anchors do you need tested?
6. Please indicate what is the action plan when there is an anchor failure.
7. What tension and/or shear load do you want them tested to?
8. Are the anchors already installed?
9. Are all of the anchors on the same floor?
10. Are there any obstructions around the anchor?
11. Where are the anchors located (wall, floor, ceiling, etc.)?
12. What is the base material (concrete, brick, etc.)?
13. If the anchors are not accessible from the floor, what type of access will be provided (ladder, scaffold, suspended scaffold, etc.)?
14. Contact name and number for jobsite:
15. Address to jobsite:
16. Does this job need to be completed after 3pm?
17. Is this testing for a TR-1?
18. Do you need our services to perform special inspections?
19. Name, email, and address of your accounts payable:
20. If there are any photos or drawings that may be helpful, please forward those as well.

Thank you!